Elementary GLOBE Materials Kits

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Each kit provides enough material for 8 working groups (or up to 32 students) for all learning activities in the unit. A folder containing a blackline master of all lesson plans and student sheets is also included. The classroom materials are shipped in a heavy-duty plastic container for easy storage.

Kits Available: [Click each title to see complete materials listing] 

What's Up in the Atmosphere: Exploring Colors in the Sky  [$125 + tax & shipping]

The Scoop on Soils [$209 + tax & shipping]

All about Earth: Our World On Stage [$92 + tax & shipping]

Do You Know That Clouds Have Names? [Call for Pricing]

Discoveries at Willow Creek [$219 + tax & shipping]

The Mystery of the Missing Hummingbirds [Call for Pricing]

What in the World is Happening with Our Climate [$249 + tax & shipping]

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