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Other Workshop/Retreat Titles:

Motivation Matters: 7 Ways to Ignite, Excite, and Engage 21st Century LearnersDesign your K-12 classroom around these 7 principles to create a learning environment that will have your students engaged, learning, and thirsty for more! 

Interactive Keynote Presentations 

[60 - 90 minutes]   

 - Learning Should Be Latte!TedX Toledo Talk

 - Measuring What Matters: Assessing The  

    Whole Learner

 - Motivation Matters: 7 Ways to Ignite, Excite, and         Engage 21st Century Learners!   

 - Roots to STEM: Prezi

 - Roots to Women in STEM: Video

 - Mindset: The Psychology of Success

Professional Development
[Other workshops/retreats and keynote presentations available upon request]

Two-Day Professional Development Retreats:

COST: $300/teacher or $275/teacher if 2+ teachers/district

LOCATION: The 577 Foundation, Perrysburg, Ohio. A beautiful retreat & conference setting.

WHAT TO EXPECT: All workshop participants receive:

  • high-quality, state-of-the-art, professional development that respects and honors your teaching experience and know-how!
  • $40 in classroom-ready teaching materials/resources to jump-start your implementation of workshop ideas/strategies
  • a CEU certificate for 15 hours of PD 
  • Plenty of good food & great conversation]
  • Graduate Credit Option Available [additional cost]
  • Small, intimate PD setting, with a maximum of 20 participants.

TIMES: 8:00 - 3:00 pm each day

*Please Note: Registration is subject to a $50 Cancellation Fee if canceled within 10 business days of the first session.


August 2019
Coaching Mindset (Dates TBD)
Mindset is a theory developed by Carol Dweck, Ph.D. regarding the psychology of success. Dweck makes the case that people with a GROWTH vs. FIXED mindset are much more apt to fulfill their potential, persevere when faced with adversity, and take on more challenging tasks. Join us to examine the theory and use it as a theoretical framework to develop teaching materials, routines, and practices that support the psychology of success for implementation into your classroom, team, school, and/or home. All participants will receive a copy of the book Growth Mindset Coach  (or other) along with other ready to use classroom materials. Bring a team and develop an interdisciplinary growth mindset action plan for your group [team discounts available]. 

September 2019

Project Based Learning(Dates TBD)
Project Based Learning (PBL). Join us in discovering PBL as a powerful and effective inquiry-based learning framework for K-16 classrooms across all disciplines. Find ready-to-use PBL units for your grade level and design your own PBL units. Participants will each receive the BIE book entitled Setting the Standards for PBL along with other ready to use classroom materials. All participants will leave with a draft PBL design for immediate implementation into their classroom. Bring a team and develop an interdisciplinary PBL unit [team discounts available]

February 2020 (Dates TBD)
K-5 Supercharged STEM 2.0

Explore ways to make your grades K - 5 STEM lessons Supercharged and Picture Perfect by infusing STEM inquiry and literature. Learn how to supercharge STEM  lessons in your classroom using our Science, Technology, Engineering, and Design model. Participants receive an inquiry-based STEM lesson book and a hands-on science teaching "kit", and a grade-appropriate literature book. Bring a team and design a STEM  experience for your grade level [team discounts available]. This workshop is PART II  of the Supercharged Science workshop, focusing on STEM design challenges. 

March 2020
(Dates TBD)

Science Assessment Matters
Join us to create a science assessment plan chock full of opportunities to measure HOW EACH CHILD IS SMART, rather than merely how smart each child is! Build formative and summative assessments to truly measure what matters [base knowledge, scientific
thinking, and processes, active participation, and engagement]! Participants receive Page Keeley's Science Formative Assessment book and a collection of her "Uncovering Student Ideas" probes. This session will focus principles of Universal Design as related to best practices in differentiated assessment practices